MeteoIODoc 20240411.d3bdb3cb

This plugin reads the ASCII data produced by the automatic weather stations by ALPUG. The metadata for the stations must be provided in an additional file as well as the "description" of the fields that must be provided through the configuration key ALPUG_FIELDS.


The files are named with the following schema: {YY}{ID}.met where {YY} represents the last two digits of the year and {ID} is the station ID.

The files contain all the measurements but no metadata and no header. The following fields can be present:

cod area,cod,id_AWS,date hour,Mean Wind,MaxWind,WD,AT (C),HR %, SWOR,HS (cm),empty,HTS0 (cm),empty,6697,empty,GST (C),empty,????,empty,TSS (C),ISWR,P(hpa)
#define AT
Definition: IOExceptions.h:28

The metadata are provided in a separate file. This comma delimited file can contain comments (same syntax as for the configuration files) and must contain first the station ID (as used in the meteo data file name and in the configuration file), a full name, the decimal latitude, decimal longitude and the altitude.

SLF5,Davos::SLF,46.,9.2728,1550 ;test station


Temperatures are in Celsius, relative humidity between 0 and 100%, snow heights in cm. The timestamp is formatted as DIN 1355, that is as "DD.MM.YYYY HH:MIN".


This plugin uses the following keywords:

  • COORDSYS: coordinate system (see Coords); [Input] and [Output] section
  • COORDPARAM: extra coordinates parameters (see Coords); [Input] and [Output] section
  • METEOPATH: where to find/write the meteo data; [Input] and [Output] section
  • STATION#: input stations ID to be found in METEOPATH. As many stations as needed may be specified
  • ALPUG_FIELDS: comma delimited list of fields. The fields MUST use the MeteoData naming scheme. Unknown or ignored fields are replaced by "%".
  • WRAP_MONTH: which month (numerical) triggers the start of a new file (belonging to the next year. Default: 10); [Input] section
  • METAFILE: file within METEOPATH that contains the stations' metadata; [Input] section
METEOPATH = ./Met_files
METAFILE = meta.txt
ALPUG_FIELDS = %,%,ID,timestamp,VW,VW_MAX,DW,TA,RH, RSWR,HS,%,%,%,%,%,TSG,%,%,%,TSS,ISWR,P