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Input Data Editing

Before any filters, resampling algorithms or data generators are applied, it is possible to edit the original data. There are several edition commands in the [InputEditing] section that can be stacked at will, per station ID. This is similar to the way that filters (processing elements) are also stacked together. In order to rectrict any editing to a specific set of time ranges, use the when option followed by a comma delimited list of date intervals (represented by two ISO formatted dates seperated by ' - ', ie with a space on both sides of the dash) or individual dates, similarly to the Filters. The general syntax is ('#' represent a number, so each key remains unique):

{stationID}::edit# = {command}
{stationID}::arg#::{argument} = {values}
#here is an example
WFJ2::edit1 = EXCLUDE
WFJ2::arg1::params = VW DW ISWR RSWR
WFJ2::arg1::when = 2019-12-01T13:00 - 2019-12-25 , 2020-03-05 - 2020-04-15T12:30 , 2020-07-11T04:00

It is also possible to apply a stack of edits to all stations by using the '*' wildcard instead of the station ID (in such a case, the wildcard stack will be applied before any other stack). Please note that all station IDs and meteo parameters are handled case insensitive in comparisons. On the wildcard stack, it is possible to restrict the processing to specific station IDs, using the exclude or only options followed by a list of station IDs (see an example in the Data Generators exemples). This is supported automatically by all generators except MERGE as it makes little sense to apply an identical merge to all stations...

The following Input Data Editing commands are available:

  • NONE: this is used when importing another ini file to overwrite a command with an empty one
  • SWAP: swap two parameters, see EditingSwap
  • RENAME: rename one or more parameters into a new name, see EditingRename
  • EXCLUDE: delete a list of parameters, see EditingExclude
  • KEEP: only keep a list of parameters and reject the others, see EditingKeep
  • AUTOMERGE: merge together stations sharing the same station ID, see EditingAutoMerge
  • MERGE: merge together one or more stations, see EditingMerge
  • COPY: make a copy of a given parameter under a new name, see EditingCopy
  • CREATE: fill missing values or create new parameters based on basic transformations or parametrizations, see EditingCreate
  • METADATA: edit station's metadata, see EditingMetadata
It is possible to turn off all input editing for timeseries by setting the Enable_Timeseries_Editing key to false in the [InputEditing] section.
The legacy MOVE command has been renamed into RENAME. In the future, a new MOVE command will be implemented to move parameters between stations.