MeteoIODoc 20240411.d3bdb3cb

Output options

This wrapper provides some custom functionality for the writing of files. It is based on std::ofstream.

It is possible to limit the write access of MeteoIO. This is done by setting the cmake macro LIMIT_WRITE_ACCESS to ON. (Default: off) By default the access is limited to the current working directory This can be changed by setting the cmake macro LIMIT_BASE_DIR to the desired directory. (Default: ".")

The following configuration keys are available to control the output:

  • WRITE_DIRECTORIES: If set to true, the software will create non-existing directories in the output path. If set to false, the software will only write to existing directories. Default: true
  • KEEP_OLD_FILES: If set to true, the software will not overwrite existing files, but create a new file with a timestamp in the filename. Default: false