MeteoIODoc 20240411.d3bdb3cb

This plugin reads raw data file from PMOD/WRC Institute.


This file format is basically an ascii file with a header section containing various metadata (such as the instruments used, etc) followed by a data section. Each line of the data section is made of an ISO timestamp followed by several fileds. The "Measurements" column identifies which parameter the "value" column belongs to. Therefore, the timestamps are not unique in the file (but they are unique for each different parameter).

For example, the file below contains two parameters, Vtseq and Vtpar

Raw Data File: DAQ2019-V.4.13
Instrument Name: 2917_diffuse
Instrument Class: Pyranometer
owner: pmodwrc
factoryCalibrationFactor: 10.83
thermopileVoltageDaqAddress: DMM8LEV1
model: SR30_Diffuse
Timetable File: T201802281204.xml
Timetable Start: 2018-02-28T07:55:30.000
Actual Start: 2018-04-06T08:16:30.000
Time of first measurement: 2018-04-06T08:21:00.000
Timestamp Delay[ms] Measurement Value
2018-04-06T08:21:00.600 572 Vtseq -3.852684E-4
2018-04-06T08:21:00.600 572 Vtpar -2.156243E-4
2018-04-06T08:22:30.600 573 Vtseq -3.829858E-4
2018-04-06T08:22:30.600 573 Vtpar -2.178132E-4
2018-04-06T08:24:00.600 573 Vtseq -3.855155E-4
2018-04-06T08:24:00.600 573 Vtpar -2.197622E-4



This plugin uses the following keywords, all in the [Input] section:

  • COORDSYS: coordinate system (see Coords);
  • COORDPARAM: extra coordinates parameters (see Coords);
  • METEOPATH: the directory where the data files are located;
  • STATION1: the filename that contains the data;
  • POSITION1: the station coordinates, see Coords() for the syntax;
  • NAME1: the station name;
  • ID1: the station ID.
This plugin is still highly experimental and therefore currently only handles reading one file at a time. Whenever necessary, development would resume to make it a full featured, robust plugin.