MeteoIODoc 20240411.d3bdb3cb


This is the plugin required to get meteorological data from the SASE MySQL database.


The units are assumed to be the following:

  • temperatures in celsius
  • relative humidity in %
  • wind speed in m/s
  • precipitations in mm/h
  • radiation in W/m²


This plugin uses the following keywords:

  • COORDSYS: coordinate system (see Coords); [Input] and [Output] section
  • COORDPARAM: extra coordinates parameters (see Coords); [Input] and [Output] section
  • SASE_HOST: MySQL Host Name (e.g. localhost or; [Input] section
  • SASE_DB: MySQL Database (e.g. snowpack); [Input] section
  • SASE_USER: MySQL User Name (e.g. root); [Input] section
  • SASE_PASS: MySQL password; [Input] section
  • TIME_ZONE: For [Input] and [Output] sections
  • STATION#: station code for the given number #; [Input] section